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Kitchen & Bath Expo's mission is to provide customers with products & services that are not only affordable, but the highest quality available for the price. We strive to create a gorgeous finished project at any budget. We work closely with our Class A contractors to provide exceptional customer service & reliable communication. All of our completed labor comes with a 1 year Warranty & all of our products feature a manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee. 


Kitchen & Bath Expo has been a family owned business since 2003 and our philosophy has always been the same; NO GIMMICKS.

Our company prioritizes our customer relationships. Customers like you are how we're able to stay competitive in such a demanding industry, so we strive to have a very open communication with our customers. It is imperative to us that our customers are fully informed of any possible obstacles to completing their project and how much investment will be required for the final outcome. We want to make sure expectations for ALL sides of a project are spelled out before any project begins. We want to make sure you're 100% comfortable with all the decisions you have made, so our Project Managers give you the power to know you're making the MOST informed decision possible!

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